Loan #639580 Wallasey, CH44 5TP, United Kingdom - PART 1

Vastgoed locatie
4 - 6 Liscard Road Wallasey CH44 5TP United Kingdom


Please note that the LTV on this project is based on this single fundraiser of 585.000,- Euros. The complete total with two material guarantees of 50.000,- Euros and the first rank mortgage of 1.120.000,- Euros will be good for an LTV of 76.3%. This is calculated across all fundraisers combined because they are inseparable as per the loan agreement. 

This development by Alfa Property Group is being conducted under full planning permission from the local council under reference APP/21/00128. The developer is converting the upstairs of these 2 office buildings into 6 residential apartments whilst retaining the commercial units below. The objective would be to sell the units once converted which will redeem the loan so the developer can move onto their next project. If that is not possible then the developer will seek mortgage finance to repay the loan. 

This initial loan is towards the purchase of the building and associated costs. A further loan will be added to cover the renovation costs expected to be 376,000 euros with an overall Gross Development Value of 1,410,300 euros.

The properties stand within an established mixed commercial area with similar trading premises. 

Veelgestelde Vragen
Samenvatting van de leenvoorwaarden
  • Jaarlijkse rente 10.00%
  • Volgeschreven 585,000.00 opgehaald
  • Risicoklasse i
  • Vervalt Gesloten
  • Streefbedrag €585,000.00
  • Winstdeling 0.00%
  • Looptijd 12 Maanden
  • Betalingsfrequentie 1 months
  • Doel lening Ontwikkeling
  • Type Bullet i
  • Hypotheek rang First Rank
  • Total Loan Cover (TLC) 130.0%
  • Loan To Value (LTV) 76.9% i
  • Locatie
    United Kingdom
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  • 772939€1,000.002022-02-03 16:28:43
  • 772932€50,000.002022-02-03 16:25:48
  • 772913€1,000.002022-02-03 16:16:48
  • 772898€600.002022-02-03 16:14:23