• €5,406,600

    Total raised

  • 15

    Active investment opportunities

  • 100.00%

    Successfully raised

  • 66,761

    Registered users


  • €799,800

    Highest raise

  • €300,367

    Average raise

  • 9 days

    Average publication

  • 8.60%

    Average annual interest


  • 296

    Active investors

  • €5,864

    Average investment

  • 3.1

    Average number of investments

  • 7.4%

    Average net return


Max Crowdfund is committed to offer a transparent crowdfunding platform. With this in mind we have provided the above information and will continue to expand the available statistics as the platform evolves.

Real estate crowdfunding is growing in popularity, but is still relatively new. The same is true for our platform and as the above figures relate to a portfolio of which the average loan has a longer term than the age of our platform, the representative value is still limited. Max Crowdfund's first loan application was activated on October 16, 2020.



  • Total raised: The total amount that has been invested in real estate backed investment opportunities via Max Crowdfund since the start of the platform.
  • Active investment opportunities: The total number of investment opportunities that have been successfully concluded since the start of the platform.
  • Successfully funded: The percentage of fundraise applications placed on the platform and successfully completed within the subscription period.
  • Registered users: The total number of registered users on the platform.


  • Highest raise: The largest amount that has been raised on Max Crowdfund since the start of the platform.
  • Average raise: The average amount that has been raised on Max Crowdfund since the start of the platform.
  • Average publication: The average time in days that an investment opportunity is published on Max Crowdfund before it is completed by investors.
  • Average annual interest: This is the average weighted interest per year offered by borrowers from all active investment opportunities. 


  • Active investors: The total number of investors currently participating in one or more investment opportunities on Max Crowdfund.
  • Average investment: The average investment amount on the platform.
  • Average number of investments: The average number of investments an individual active investor has made on Max Crowdfund. This calculation only includes active investors with at least one active investment.
  • Average net return: The weighted average return per year that is achieved on investments after deduction of fees, reservations, write-offs and incidental payments.

Note: All of the above statistics are updated once every 24 hours and when a new investment opportunity is activated.