Portfolio Statistics

Please note that the information showing on this page is updated once every 24 hours. Last update: 04-02-2023


Max Crowdfund is committed to offer a transparent crowdfunding platform. With this in mind we have provided the above information and will continue to expand the available statistics as the platform evolves.

Real estate crowdfunding is growing in popularity, but is still relatively new. The same is true for our platform and as the above figures relate to a portfolio of which the average loan has a longer term than the age of our platform, the representative value is still limited. Max Crowdfund's first loan application was activated on October 16, 2020.


Portfolio overview

  • Portfolio: total outstanding amount on Max Crowdfund.
  • No arrears: total of outstanding amount that is on schedule.

Once a payment due is late for more the 45 days, an investment opportunities is marked as in default. Depending on the number of days a payment is late, a percentage of the outstanding amount is reserved:

  • Arrears 45-89 days: 25% of the outstanding amount is reserved.
  • Arrears 90-179 days: 50% of the outstanding amount is reserved.
  • Arrears 190-364 days: 75% of the outstanding amount is reserved.
  • Arrears 365+ days: 100% of the outstanding amount is reserved.
  • Reserved amount: total from above calculated reserved amounts.
  • Portfolio value: Total reserved deducted from Total receivable (or outstanding), resulting in the calculated value of the platform portfolio.

Note: This account portfolio overview is available for each investor account on Max Crowdfund.

Net return

  • Average return: weighted average annual interest % from all active investment opportunities on Max Crowdfund.
  • Incidental payments: calculated from [ total incidental payments (for example profit share) / interest amount received ] x average interest %.
  • Fees: calculated from [ total admin fees charged from investment opportunities / interest amount received ] x average interest %.
  • Reserved: calculated from [ total amount reserved / interest received ] / average interest %.
  • Written-off: calculated from [ total amount written off / interest received ] / average interest %.
  • Net return: calculated from average return + incidental payment - fees - reserved - written-off resulting in overall net return from platform portfolio.