Max Crowdfund is owned by Max Property Group, a multi-national real estate investment group with their head office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. MPG was incorporated in 2016 and Max Crowdfund in 2019. In July 2020 Max Crowdfund received approval from the Dutch Financial Authorities (AFM) and has been included in the crowdfunding platform registry with registration number 19000066.

Max Property Group and Max Crowdfund intend to make the real estate investment world 100% transparent by using blockchain technology, and accessible to anyone around the world by allowing people to invest from as little as €100 in real estate backed investment opportunities.

Through our partner program you can promote Max Crowdfund and the investments on offer to the public and earn an additional income.

Offer policy

We do not allow any marketing activities on websites with adult content or that promote violence. All users of our platform have to be over the age of 18, submit their Know Your Client (KYC) information and link a bank account, so marketing activities to minors and people who cannot pass our KYC procedures, or will not be able to provide proof of funds is not allowed. We do not support racism of any kind and as such do not allow any marketing activities on websites promoting non-acceptance of any belief, culture or difference of skin colour. If in doubt of anything in this policy ask us first.


Partners will receive:

  • 100 EUR paid to partner when a referral applies for a loan and the loan is approved for listing. Not limited in time as long as the partnership from us and with Target Circle exists;
  • 2.50 EUR per KYC-approved registration;
  • 50% of our success fee, after optional discounts, from any successful investment made by the referral, for a period of 180 days between registration and subscription date. Without discounts this is 1.25% per investment;
  • Your referral will receive a 0.5% kickback on any successful investment made in a loan during the first 90 days between registration on the platform and subscription date.;


We welcome marketing campaigns for all European countries and any additional country where they speak a language that is available on our website. Investors within Europe have to have a bank account in Europe and investors from outside of Europe have to confirm that they are a “Qualified Investor”. Details on how to confirm yourself as a Qualified Investor are available once your account is verified.


Publishers can sign-up through RevFresh.