Loan #630754 Bolton Road Blackburn BB2 4JT United Kingdom

Property location
565 Bolton Road Blackburn BB2 4JT United Kingdom

Executive Summary

This project is located at 565 Bolton Road, Blackburn, Lancashire. The property developer has done over 230 of these projects with the same social housing provider over the last 4 years and has a large pipeline for these types of deals coming through.

The developer has agreed with the onward sale before he himself buys it, therefore giving great security on exit. Proof of the onward sale and the ID of the purchaser has been submitted to Max Crowdfund, but due to GDPR, we cannot share the personal information publicly.

The developer also has their own construction teams in house who consistently deliver 4-7 finished refurbishment projects every month of this type. The property will be subject to an extensive refurbishment programme to bring it to a high standard in line with the requirment of the social housing provider.

As soon as the refurbishment is complete, the onward sale will have been progressed in the background and will be ready to exchange and complete immediately.

Investing FAQ
Loan terms summary
  • Interest per annum 10.00%
  • Fully subscribed 145,000.00 raised
  • Risk class i
  • Expires Closed
  • Target amount €145,000.00
  • Profit share 0.00%
  • Term 6 Months
  • Payment frequency 1 months
  • Loan purpose Buy to sell
  • Type Bullet i
  • Mortgage rank First Rank
  • Total Loan Cover (TLC) 113.8%
  • Loan To Value (LTV) 87.9% i
  • Location
    United Kingdom
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