Loan #553212 Gebroeklaan 52, Roermond

Property location
Gebroeklaan 52 Roermond 6042 GR Netherlands

Executive Summary

The borrower is Vogelaars Onroerend Goed B.V. (VOG), which was founded in 2002. The shareholders of VOG are G.W.C.N. Vogelaars (90%) and his partner / wife (10%). The loan will be used to purchase a 3,340 m2 plot of land near the centre of Roermond where 13 homes will be developed. The townhall has already confirmed their cooperation. 

The homes will be built by a proven concept in accordance with the preference of the municipality of Roermond. The houses have the following benefits: 

  • Built to last with very low nitrogen emissions 
  • Lots of variation in facade cladding, interior, type of bathroom and kitchen 
  • Energy and cost saving 
  • Compact solid houses with little maintenance 
  • Highly affordable with prices just below the NHG limit amount, which means you can borrow the money at very low interest rates

VOG is looking to raise € 800,000 which will cover the purchase of the land, start-up costs for the development and financing of interest and management fees for the first 12 months. The required amount for interest and management fees will be deposited in an escrow account. 

The term for the loan is a maximum of 18 months with an option of early repayment. The interest payment is 8% on an annual basis and will be paid monthly. The capital repayment will be on or before the final interest payment. 

To secure the loan a 1st right of mortgage will be registered on the land and additional collateral securities, which is qualified as material, will be provided for a total of € 1,175,000. The risks are considered limited. 

In summary; 

  • High interest rate 
  • Limited risk 
  • Experienced and successful entrepreneur developing the project 
  • Experienced specialists from the industry to supervise the entire project 
  • The houses are completely contemporary
Investing FAQ
Loan terms summary
  • Interest per annum 8.00%
  • Fully repaid 800,000.00 raised
  • Risk class i
  • Expires Closed
  • Target amount €800,000.00
  • Profit share 0.00%
  • Term 18 Months
  • Payment frequency 1 months
  • Loan purpose Development
  • Type Bullet i
  • Mortgage rank First Rank
  • Total Loan Cover (TLC) 125.0%
  • Loan To Value (LTV) 72.7% i
  • Location
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