Loan #1227541 Wakefield, WF1 2QP, United Kingdom

Property location
24 Bond Street Wakefield WF1 2QP United Kingdom

Executive Summary


Lizzy Investments Ltd. presents a second investment opportunity in Wakefield, very close to Leeds. The property is in a great location, very close to the city centre, within a walking distance of the train station and with quick access to major highways. This property already functions as a 9-bed HMO. We will bring it up to standards and add 6 ensuite bathrooms in the refurb. We will likely get a corporate lease for the property as there are already talks with interested parties. The deal has a low risk because of a small refurbishment and has a high ROCE of 30%.

Further details:

  • Property with 3 floors and a basement
  • With 9 spacious rooms and 3 external bathrooms
  • Grade II listed property
  • The property is within walking distance of the city centre and of the train station.
  • Easy commute to Leeds: 20 minutes from the property to Leeds Train station, walking and by train.

About Wakefield:

  • Wakefield is a city in the Greater Leeds Area with a population of roughly 343k. The population has grown by 5.5% in the last 10 years.
  • The centre of town is about 20 minutes from Leeds city centre and is therefore close to many job opportunities in blue-collar jobs as well as in white-collar jobs.
  • There is a high percentage of the working-class population in Wakefield;
  • Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail, Transportation and Health Care are the main industries that provide jobs. The workers in these industries are the target for the HMO rooms.
Investing FAQ
Loan terms summary
  • Interest per annum 10.00%
  • Fully subscribed 440,000.00 raised
  • Risk class i
  • Expires Closed
  • Target amount €440,000.00
  • Profit share 0.00%
  • Term 8 Months
  • Payment frequency 1 months
  • Loan purpose Bridging
  • Type Bullet i
  • Mortgage rank First Rank
  • Total Loan Cover (TLC) 136.7%
  • Loan To Value (LTV) 73.2% i
  • Location
    United Kingdom
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