MPGS security token


MPGS are security tokens which represent Max Property Group B.V. share certificates as reflected in the official share register of the company. The share certificates have the same rights to profits and company ownership as normal shares, but have no voting rights.



If you purchased MPG utility tokens during the PRE-ITO and/or ITO you are able to swap your MPG utility tokens for MPGS security tokens.

This is subject to conditions, as certain jurisdictions such as US Persons are excluded from this offer.

You may swap the exact same amount of MPG utility tokens you purchased during the PRE-ITO and/or ITO, but not any additional MPG utility tokens you have purchased since.

The MPG utility tokens that are eligible to be swapped will be valued at the same value for which you purchased them.

MPGS security tokens are valued as per the documentation, which is € 1.50 per MPGS.


  1. You purchase X amount of MPG utility tokens on the 25th of September 2018 for €1,500.
  2. You can swap these MPG utility tokens for 1,000 MPGS security tokens.

All MPG utility tokens swapped for MPGS security tokens will be burned.


If you are interested in participating in our equity round, you may send us an investment request by clicking on the buttons in this text. The equity round offering is subject to conditions as certain jurisdictions such as US Persons are excluded from this offer.

European citizens, qualified investors and professional investors are eligible to invest, but subject to Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks. Proof of funds may be required in case of larger investments.

The minimum raise is € 500,000 and the maximum is € 3,750,000.

The minimum investment per participant is € 25,000 and the maximum is € 2,500,000.

A total of 2,500,000 newly issued shares are offered for the full € 3,750,000, which represents 20% of the shares of Max Property Group B.V., the owner of the property portfolios and Max Crowdfund.

To download the investment documents you will need to create an account and pass KYC Clearance Level 2. For people outside of Europe you will need to have Clearance Level 3, before you are eligible to participate.

Max Crowdfund - Investment Pitch
Investment documentation
  • Executive Summary
  • Pitch Deck
  • Company valuation (Equidam)
  • White Paper
  • Financial Model
  • Company House Trade Register