Become a property investor from just €1,000

Harness the power of technology to invest in bricks and mortar.

How to invest with Max Crowdfund?

Create an account

Just click on the register button, enter your details and wait for verification. Please note, for regulatory purposes, you will only be allowed to make investments once your personal details have been verified.

Choose a product

Choose from our carefully selected investment products. Full due diligence information is available to streamline the selection process and ensure you are fully informed before you make an investment decision.

Make an investment

After choosing the right asset, you may invest from as little as €1,000. By selecting various assets you have the option to build an internationally diversified property investment portfolio.

Property investing, just better

Property investing, just cheaper

By cutting out expensive agent fees, legal fees, software and admin costs, investing in property has become simple and affordable. With investment opportunities from just €1,000, the market is open to almost everyone, not just the very wealthy.

Property investing, just safer

Our property investment listings are vetted by a compliance team with experience from some of the world’s leading financial institutions and real estate companies. Once a product has been accepted, full due diligence information is provided so that investors can verify the information for themselves and make an educated decision. Once the investment has completed, all the relevant information is recorded on the MPG blockchain for additional security and peace of mind.

Property investing, just easier

We do a great deal of due diligence and operate with a high level of communication and transparency, providing all the information you need to make an investment decision in a simple and accessible format. Once an investment has been selected, the process is completed online and in a matter of minutes. There are no lengthy contracts, notary visits or legal procedures to be endured.

Property investing, just quicker

Investment products listed on the platform are high quality opportunities, with competitive returns and a low risk profile. Max Crowdfund lists only the best quality investments, saving users valuable effort. Buying, selling and trading investments on the platform can be performed almost instantly, and full property information can be accessed in seconds.