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Frequently Asked Questions

Investors can purchase products from as little as €1,000. Depending on the investment product and the developer’s criteria, the minimum investment amount may be reduced to €100 in the future.
No. Investors must be over 18, and must pass Know Your Client (KYC) procedures before being allowed to invest on the platform. Country-specific limitations also exist and certain nationalities may be prevented from participation in some investment products. This is to prevent money laundering, tax evasion and other illegal activities, in line with our commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency.
The currencies used to buy MPG tokens or invest in assets are indicated on the platform in the asset details page. Please log in to access the details pages.
After having completed the KYC process and being approved, you will be able to invest within a matter of seconds. We do however recommend spending some time perusing the investment products and conducting thorough due diligence.
Depending on the product, your returns could be paid out monthly, quarterly or annually. In most cases, your returns begin accumulating from the date of investment. Investment products vary, however, so please check the full returns details before making a decision.
The fees vary by product but are always clearly stated within the listing specifications. Please check the complete investment details before making a decision.
Investments cannot be cancelled, but they can be sold on the secondary market to other platform users once this feature is enabled on the platform. (this is subject to appropriate licenses being approved)
The investments listed on Max Crowdfund are vetted by a team of professionals to reduce the risk of project failure. In the event a project encounters problems, however, the same procedure as investing in any real estate project or product would apply. There are company administrators in place and local legal or reclamatory procedures would apply.
The projects listed on Max Crowdfund are “hands off” investments, meaning that investors do not control the projects. This is mainly for practical reasons, since there are multiple investors involved in one project. However, the project’s progress and important activities are recorded on the platform, to ensure information remains open to investors.
Definitely. The crowdfunding platform, which is placed on the MPG blockchain, has been created to ensure that investors can track every activity pertaining to any given product.