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OPEN 29 days left
#500985 11 Bed Tenanted HMO
Interest per annum 8%
Total raise €520,000.00
8.9% subscribed by 9 investors 473,700 left
  • 18 months
  • Bullet Type
  • United Kingdom


Status message

The information below is provided on behalf of the issuing party. Max Crowdfund is not offering, nor advising to buy and/or trade any property bonds.

#24450 Max Property Fund II (MPFII)
Interest per annum 6.25%
Total raised € 306,000.00
Fully funded
  • 108 months
  • Bond Type
  • Netherlands
#24449 Max Property Deutschland (MPD)
Interest per annum 8%
Total raised € 2,500,000.00
Fully funded
  • 122 months
  • Bond Type
  • Germany
#24448 Max Property Fund (MPF)
Interest per annum 8%
Total raised € 2,395,000.00
Fully funded
  • 120 months
  • Bond Type
  • Netherlands
#14517 Max Property Group UK (MPGUK)
Interest per annum 10%
Total raised € 302,000.00
Fully funded
  • 60 months
  • Bond Type
  • United Kingdom


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You create an account by registering and confirming your email. Once you have passed Know Your Client (KYC) and submit your confirmationsm you complete your account verification by linking your bank account using banktransfer.

2. Browse through the investment opportunities

Have a good read through the information on the website and the investment documentation in the opportunities. Once you have seen an opportunity you like you need to decide how much you would like to invest.

3. Deposit funds

Through available payment methods you can deposit funds to your account on Max Crowdfund. Once the funds have been received in the Max Crowdfund Escrow account and optionally approved, they will automatically show in your balance.

4. Make your investment

Once you have funded your account and selected an investment you can subscribe to the chosen opportunity. Once confirmed, the invested amount will be reserved from your available balance. During the next 24 hours you can change or cancel your investment without any costs charged. The balance will show as pending until the opportunity is fully funded and the loan is final.

5. Start earning returns

Once a loan is final the fundraiser will receive his money and his interest payment obligations start. Depending on the type of opportunity selected you will start earning interests monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or at the end of the term.

6. Re-invest or withdraw

Interests and repayment received in you current account can be invested in new opportunities or can be withdrawn to your verified bank account. Any money that sits in your current account for more than 60 days will automatically be transferred to your preferred bank account.

These steps are all you need to do to become an investor in International Real Estate Investments and start earning money on your savings. Start now on the road to financial independence by selecting the right investment opportunity for you. Remember, you can start from as little as €100!



Vetted opportunities

Our team of financial and real estate professionals perform a full due diligence check on both the company requesting the loan and the real estate offered as a security. Only the best projects are allowed to raise funds on our platform as investor security is our highest priority.

High interest, short-term loans

The term of the opportunities offered varies between a half (1/2) to five (5) years, or six (6) to sixty (60) months, and offer fixed interest rates between 3% and 12% per annum depending on the Risk Class, plus optional profit share. Security established on your behalf lowers your risk of loosing (a part of) your investment.

Transparent & automated

All investment opportunities will have full details about the company, ultimate beneficial owners (UBO's), investment plan, collateral, involved risks and loan terms. All returns are paid into your current account. Through your My Account you have continuous insight into the performance of your portfolio and all transactions in your account.

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