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Frequently Asked Questions

Only high-quality real estate projects are accepted for listing on the platform and products are subject to rigorous due diligence processes. In order to apply for project funding, please create an account on the platform by clicking here then complete our application form. Full details are available on our how it works page.

No. We are committed to a high level of transparency and regulatory compliance, and only project adhering to the highest standards will be able to benefit from being listed on the platform and accessing thousands of investors. Our compliance team is made up of industry professionals such as bankers, lawyers and accountants, who are ideally qualified to identify compliant real estate projects. Projects will be chosen on the basis of fulfilling a list of criteria and providing full due diligence documents.

The Max Crowdfund platform has been designed to keep fees to a minimum, and our charges are highly competitive. Investment products are subject to a listing fee, success fee and administrative fee. For full details please click here.

Other than your project’s exposure to all the investors on the Max Crowdfund platform, you also receive quarterly and annual reports.

When a project is listed, a minimum funding level is set. If the level is not achieved within a specific timeframe, the project is cancelled and funds are returned to the investors.

You pay all the returns collectively to a foundation, which in turn pays out individual returns to investors via an automated system.

No, only the owners can list projects for funding.